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a glove for everyday hand

DPL is a fully integrated rubber glove manufacturer that produces a continuing stream of high-value new product innovations in protective hand wear that are renowned for their quality and performance. They service up to 5% demand for household and industrial gloves in developed and emerging markets worldwide, and are ranked among the world's largest manufacturers in the hand protection industry. Their experience and expertise over the past decades-combined with continuous product development based on our customers' expectations, preferences, and inputs- has clearly differentiated them in the market as a supplier of natural and synthetic latex based domestic, industrial and medical gloves. 


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The ONLY Anti-Bacterial Glove in the Philippines

Durafresh offers more than your average rubber glove because it's treated with an anti-bacterial ingredient called Acti-Fresh.


Acti-Fresh inhibits the growth of bacteria on the glove. Economically priced, Durafresh gloves are available in different variants and sizes - small, medium and large. Their anti-bacterial properties make them ideally suited to a range of domestic duties whether at home, in the office, canteen or school.


With vibrant and informative packaging, consumers will find Durafresh Anti-bacterial a natural choice.


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