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Disposable Wears

a glove for every hand

All about cleaning

  Hands are probably the most industrious part of the human anatomy. Selecting the right glove for the job at hand is essential to ensure user safety and product protection.


        DPL Occupational offers an array of gloves to suit a multitude of requirements. We will help you choose the right glove based on level of protection, comfort and fit. These products are from Dipped Products PLC, Sri Lanka. 


   Disposable Workwear is often a necessary addition to our garments. Depending on the application, a variety of designs and quality have to be considered. We have partnered with Prominent Manufacturers Disposable Wears such as head cap, face mask, apron, over sleeves etc.


       Disposable Workwear is the normal choice for workers in the medical, dental and food processing industries providing hygienic protection.

   We have the right professional grade cleaning tools to make cleaning easier. Our outstanding product selection offers innovative and efficient  products that help you run a smarter, safer and more profitable operation. 

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